Ubikite revolutionizes the modern desktop.

Ubikite is your best companion to Windows, wherever you are.

We’ll make your life easier whether your organization’s infrastructure is already fully on the cloud, you’re set with Windows 10 on-premises, or if you’re somewhere along the way on a cloud migration journey.


Shorten time-to-implementation + time-to-recover.


Control all your WVD resources from one centralized plane.


Real-time visualization allows you to quickly find and fix issues proactively.


Lower total cost of ownership, better response time.

Better security + performance.

Threats, patches, and natural disasters are always coming… but you’ll be ready.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Streamline your processes, reduce wasteful utilization, and see fewer help desk tickets.

Flexible delivery options.

Are you a DIY-IT professional? Need someone to handle it all? We’ll send the right co-pilot.

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Where do you want your Windows Desktop?

On my desk, duh.

Implement a manageable, predictable Windows 10 update process with Ubikite WaaS Manager.

In the cloud!

Provision, monitor, manage, and optimize all your WVD assets with Ubikite DaaS Manager.

Now you can pilot the Ubikite DaaS Manager.

Let our experts show you how easy a modern workplace can be. Sign up for a free preview trial, no credit card needed to sign up.


Scale up for peak usage times, and down for periods of low usage.

Right data, real-time.

Visualize the health and utilization of all your virtual resources in one place.


Automatic backups.

Be ready for anything, anytime, and recover quickly.