Ubikite is proud to announce the first DaaS solution of its kind.

Acheive a fully-modern workplace in less time than it takes to get someone to come fix the photocopier.

Access and control all WVD + Office 365 resources in one place. If Microsoft powers your workplace, we can help you modernize quickly and easily, with no special skills or experience necessary.


Shorten time-to-implementation + time-to-recover.


Control all your WVD resources from one centralized plane.


Real-time visualization allows you to quickly find and fix issues proactively.


Lower total cost of ownership, better response time.


Scale up for peak usage times, and down for periods of low usage.


Right data, real-time.

Visualize the health and utilization of all your virtual resources in one place.

Automatic backups.

Be ready for anything, anytime, and recover quickly.

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Features + Pricing

Every subscription includes manage and monitor capabilities!

  • Deploy WVD based on our pre-built desktop image templates.
  • Basic monitoring console with 30 days of historic data included.
  • Back up and autoscale your virtual workplace with our built-in policies.
  • Create your own custom desktop image templates.
  • Manage your own gallery of custom desktop image templates.
  • Use our built-in back-up and autoscale policies, with the option to add a few of your own custom back-up rules.
  • Create your own custom desktop image templates.
  • Manage your own gallery of custom desktop image templates.
  • Advanced monitoring dashboard with 90 days of historic data included.
  • Use our built-in policies, or fully configure your own policies to back up and autoscale your virtual workplace.
Bring your own WVD environment or start from scratch
Provision a WVD environment based on our recommended templates
Onboard admins, engineering, sales + marketing, and operations teams all in one go.
Save your organization’s WVD configuration and clone across the organization
Provision and manage Azure AD, AD DS and enable Single Sign-On (SSO)
Provision and manage Workgroups (hostpools).
Provision and manage Windows 10 desktop resources within Workgroups.
Create Image Templates to quickly deploy virtual desktops with custom configurations.
Assign dedicated or shared virtual desktops to end-users.
Create + manage your own gallery of customized Image Templates.
Deploy company line-of-business apps and group similar apps in Appgroups.
Publish and assign access to common apps from your Apps Gallery
Grant one-time application access to end-users.
Manage WVD + Office 365 resources in one integrated control plane.
Visualize your entire virtual infrastructure in one central control plane.
Manage workgroup users’ access to network drives + fileshares.
Enable Maintenance Mode to manage your automated Windows 10 update process.
Gain insights on real-time health + performance of your virtual workspace.
Visualize user activity + usage trends in real time.
Get real-time user session issue alerts.
Export up to 90 days’ usage data.
Visualize and compare user sessions, utilization of desktop resources between any 2 times ranges
Schedule desktop resource scaling for peak and off-peak hours with Autoscale
Create + manage Autoscale policies for each Workgroup or share policies between multiple Workgroups
Automate regularly-scheduled backups.
Automate your organization’s HR + security requirements for event-based backups.
Easily recover data from your backup vault for quick TTR.