Make your Windows upgrades predictable, painless, and repeatable.

Reduce costs, improve service, and control the chaos simply.

WaaS is a continuously-streaming service, but do your end-users experience continuous systems improvement? WaaS Manager to help make the Windows update process easier than ordering lunch for the office.

Deployment + Monitoring

Verify that new desktops perform as expected, fix any issues, and close the project.

Testing + Certification

Reduce help desk ticket submissions and downtime.

Readiness + Scheduling

Make Windows upgrades an unobtrusive, consistent experience for end-users.

Compliance + Compatibility

Make Windows 10 upgrades repeatable, predictable, and manageable.

Compliance + Compatibility

Plan and forecast your compliance and compatibility strategy with comprehensive telemetry and predictive analysis to back your decisions.

Testing + Readiness

Comprehensive testing framework to ensure a proper life-cycle is implemented to make the user experience consistent for each WaaS release.

Scheduling + Deployment

Automated and repeatable scheduling/communications process to ensure consistent WaaS deployment patterns across the Enterprise.

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Get it together!

Windows As A Service (WaaS) represents large paradigm shift. IT organizations will struggle and flounder without the proper education, capability, tooling, or processes to manage the life cycle.

Traditional project-based Windows upgrades every 5-10 years is no longer feasible or appropriate. Today’s IT organization needs the tools and know-how to deploy those upgrades frequently, within a very compressed timeline, and with minimal disruptive impact to the end-user.

Now you can pilot the Ubikite WaaS Manager.

Discover the power and value of the Ubikite WaaS Manager. Sign up for a free demo, available now for the first time, and let our experts show you the first step to taking the Windows upgrade practice from project to process.